How to Hack A Facebook Account: News Feed Customization

Social medias lately had been giving a frustration to a lot of its users. It turns ON almost all the application you have subscribe and a lot of pop-up windows will appear and give you loads of notification, especially at your news feed.

News Feed Over Feeding Problems.

The vital part of the Facebook interface is the news feed. It allows the account user to become aware of and updated on what is happening with his or her friends and acquaintances. The moment you logged in at your account almost all of the latest news feed and events around will pop out. However, for some user, they find this annoying and irritating.

Turning off the notifications and news feed may be time-consuming and will take a lot of your time if you will shut down one by one all the applications you have subscribed with. Hence here are some of the hacks you can do.

Here are some of the ways how to hack a Facebook account in order to minimize unwanted Facebook notifications.

One of the solutions is to do it manually. Yes, you have read it right. Do the basics by going through the typical means and turn off notifications. However, this is not the right way on how to hack a facebook account.

To makes things simpler and easier, you can simply choose the friends that you want o see your notifications.  You have to create a special friend list wherein you will be seeing only their notifications on your news feed. Or simply click and hide the notifications. The moment you have created the list of friends, simply drag it and there you have you customize news feed for your facebook.

So there you go, you have now a specialize Facebook friend list wherein you can only see their notifications.

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